Me, myself and I

Happiness 🌻//My blog is a 1 year old now!😂

Last night I was wondering exactly when in April I started this blog. Guess I found out. Happy Birthday GI!!!! And yes, I know I'm not the most active blogger out there and I've been having a lot of art blocks and writing blocks the past month but I tried my best to overcome it.… Continue reading Happiness 🌻//My blog is a 1 year old now!😂

Life or something like it

Thoughts we have at school.

School. SEVEN CRAPPY HOURS OF OUR LIVES. Ugh. Thank God it's summer vacation started here. I have successfully wasted the past 4 days. Ok I'm one of the majority people who hate school. Like see, I like it because of my friends and I do like studying, but the exams and everything pisses me off.… Continue reading Thoughts we have at school.

When Art is life

Sketch of the week💛#13

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.     Ok soooooo my finals got over like last Monday and my 12th grade starts tomorrow. We do not speak of my Physics and Maths exam. But seriously I need to be more focused this year on… Continue reading Sketch of the week💛#13

Life or something like it

Thought for the week🌻#5

Aaaannndddd my finals start on Monday. Candy just left after our study date. Ok, we didn't study a lot but we did like half of trigonometry. It's trigonometry ok! It's hard. Anyhoo wish me luck!   Ciao Girl Illustrated    

All about planning

January planner spread

So guess I'm doing a new planner series? Anyhoo a little rambling before showing you the spread. Feel free to skip this. Am I the only one who thought January felt like a damn year because damn it went by slow. Like reaaaaalllyyy slow.🐌 Alsooooo I only have classes till Tuesday, then it's study holidays… Continue reading January planner spread

Life or something like it

When it’s that time of the month.

Yoooo people of the internet. Yea I know. Clearly I didn't keep my resolution of posting once a week. But it's a truth universally acknowledged that your new year's resolutions are just for a week or two. So I had exams. Again. It finished today. But in a week I have my finals. Then after… Continue reading When it’s that time of the month.